Nuno-Kougou - Variety of designs

Nuno-Kougou - Variety of designs

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Nuno-Kougou, or 'twisting jewelry box', is a small traditional case where the body and lid are one.

Open by gently twisting and extending the body and top in opposite directions to reveal a secret compartment.

Originally used to carry a precious ornament, or fragrance pouches, they are made with 'nishijin-ori', a traditional and exquisite textile produced in the Nishijin district of Kamigyō-ku in Kyoto.

Nuno-Kougou are ideal as jewelry boxes for your vanity desk or simply displayed in the home to give the room a touch of Japanese flair.

Product of: Kyoto
Size: φ7cm X H4.5cm
Weight: 24gm

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