Kutani Yaki Mamezara

Kutani Yaki Mamezara

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Mamezara are small, decorative Japanese dishes that are typically used for serving small portions of food or for displaying small items. The term "mamezara" is derived from the Japanese words "mame," which means "bean," and "zara," which means "plate" or "dish." Mamezara are often characterized by their diminutive size, intricate designs, and attention to detail.

Mamezara are often used as decorative items or collector's pieces, as well as functional tableware for serving condiments, appetizers, or small snacks. Due to their small size, they're also popular among collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate their artistry and craftsmanship.

Mamezara are considered part of Japanese ceramic and porcelain art, which has a long history and tradition in Japan. They showcase the skill of Japanese artisans and the country's dedication to precision and beauty in everyday objects. These miniature plates have become popular items for gifts, souvenirs, and personal collection

※ Dish holder is for illustrative purposes only and is not included with this item.

Origin: Kutani
Size: φ9.5cm X H1.5cm
Weight: 65gm
Color(s): Variety of designs available

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