Yokode Kyusu teapot - Blue with floral motif

Yokode Kyusu teapot - Blue with floral motif

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This delightful Mino ware teapot has a lustrous blue glaze with a beautiful circular floral motif elegantly adorning its side. The floral motif also presents itself at the very top of the lid giving the teapot an exquisite balanced design.

The delightfully intricate floral pattern nicely compliments the polished surface creating an elegant ceramic piece of traditional Japanese teaware.

The Yokode kyusu style, where the handle is located on the side, allows the tea drinker to hold the handle and place their thumb on the lid to pour using one hand.

It is considered the most traditional of teapot styles enabling you to bring the traditional custom of Japanese tea drinking into your home to share with family and friends.

Set includes yokode kyusu teapot with two matching yunomi teacups.

Origin: Mino
Size: Pot 18cm X 9cm (380ml) Cup φ6cm X 5cm (75ml)
Weight: 497gm
Color: Blue with floral motif

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