Shunzan Mori - Kikyō Sake Cup

Shunzan Mori - Kikyō Sake Cup

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This exquisite vessel was hand made by Shunzan Mori San, a 4th generation ceramicist. His renowned Kiyomizu-ware pottery 'Shunzangama' is influenced by Kenzan Ogata, who was active in the Edo period. Mentored by Mr. Zenju Miyashita, Shunzan Mori specializes in fine pottery making him work one of the most renowned ceramists in Japan today.

The delicate vessel is made from white clay after which campanula persicifolia (peach-leaved bellflowers) are hand-drawn on both the interior and exterior of the vessel with exquisite detail and care.

As the name implies it is primarily used for enjoying sake, however, as a work of art in itself it is worthy of simply being displayed to bring joy to any room.

Origin: Kyoto
Size: φ7cm X 3.75cm (67ml)
Weight: 54gm
Color: White with peach-leaved bellflower design

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