Sakura Ochoko

Sakura Ochoko

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This exquisite set consists of a perfectly matched ochoko (small cup) and mamezara (small dish), a pairing that is rarely encountered in such harmony.

Ochokos are typically designated for serving sake, while mamezaras find their purpose as side dishes.

Yet, in this instance, the two have been ingeniously united through a shared sakura design, yielding a versatile ensemble with a myriad of applications.

One suggestion is to employ it as an espresso cup. Start your morning with an espresso Japanese style or end your days relaxing with fine sake. The choice rests entirely with you, as this set, adorned with the vibrant hues intrinsic to Kutani's handmade ceramics, adapts to your preference.

Origin: Kutani
Size: Cup 5.5cm X H5cm (50ml) Saucer φ9.5cm X 1.5cm
Weight: 119gm
Color: Blue with sakura motif
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