Yamadamatsu Incense Set

Yamadamatsu Incense Set

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This beautiful and unique incense set comes with a porcelain square with a small hole set in a corner within which to place the incense sticks.

The delicate porcelain piece has a beautiful traditional floral design which matching the box that contains the incense sticks themselves.

The incense gives off a graceful and elegant fragrance, inspired by plum blossoms, which will put you at ease while.

As the incense holder and sticks come in a set that beautifully complement each other, it makes and ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

Produced by: Yamadamatsu
Origin: Kyoto
Size (of box): W15cm x L7cm x H1.5cm,
Size (of dish): W5cm x L5cm
Weight: 65 gm
Color(s): Red and white floral pattern with shades of yellow and gray

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