Uwade Kyūsu Teapot - Floral Light Blue

Uwade Kyūsu Teapot - Floral Light Blue

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Presenting an Uwade Kyūsu teapot, meticulously handcrafted in Arita on the Kyushu Island.

Arita is often hailed as the birthplace of Japanese pottery due to the discovery of porcelain clay there towards the close of the 16th century. The ceramic creations from this region are not only highly coveted within Japan but also revered worldwide.

'Uwade Kyusu' translates to a teapot with its handle positioned above, in contrast to the side (Yokode Kyūsu) or rear (Ushirode Kyusu) handles. This design choice lends a distinctly traditional aspect, further emphasized by the incorporation of a wooden handle, evoking a classic Japanese aesthetic.

The pristine white porcelain base is adorned with a delicate floral motif that harmoniously matches the accompanying pair of yunomi (tea cups).

Origin: Arita
Size: Pot W15cm X H9cm (375ml)   Cup φ8cm X 5.5cm (100ml)
Weight: 491gm
Color: Light blue with floral motif
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