Yokode Kyusu teapot - Black with floral motif

Yokode Kyusu teapot - Black with floral motif

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This delightful Mino ware teapot is matte black with a beautiful floral motif elegantly decorating one side in addition to the very top of the lid.

The subtly elevated, intricate floral design creates a pleasing contrast against the textured surface, offering a delightful tactile and visual experience.

Crafted in the Yokode kyusu style, where the handle is thoughtfully positioned on the side, allowing tea enthusiasts to grasp it effortlessly and rest their thumb on the lid, enabling one-handed pouring.

Regarded as the epitome of traditional teapot design, this style embodies the essence of Japanese tea-drinking customs, inviting you to embrace this time-honored tradition within your own home, as you share it with cherished family and friends.

This set encompasses the yokode kyusu teapot and two yunomi teacups, culminating in an exquisite ensemble.

Origin: Mino
Size: Pot 18cm X 8.5cm (380ml) Cup φ6.5cm X 5cm (75ml)
Weight: 486gm
Color: Black with floral motif

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