Shunka-Shuto Donburi

Shunka-Shuto Donburi

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This finely crafted rice bowl is a product of Mino, a region renowned for its ceramic craftsmanship in Japan.

Carefully crafted by skilled hands, this bowl is embellished with kanji characters representing the four seasons or 'Shunka-Shuto' in Japanese: "春 (spring)", "夏 (summer)", "秋 (fall/autumn)", and "冬 (winter)".

Its elegant design features a seamless blend of gray and blue glaze, flowing gracefully over the rim to the interior of the bowl.

Versatile in its utility, this bowl is equally suitable for both use in the dining room and for showcasing its exquisite beauty as a display piece.

Origin: Mino
Size: φ15.5cm X H10cm
Weight: 628gm
Color: grey and blue glaze finish
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