Orizuru Chopstick Rest

Orizuru Chopstick Rest

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Origami embodies the traditional Japanese craft of transforming paper into various forms, often depicting flowers and creatures.

In its customary practice, origami involves manipulating a single sheet of paper, frequently adorned with vibrant hues or intricate designs. Among the iconic origami creations is the orizuru: the paper crane. These origami cranes symbolize optimism and affluence, with the sebazuru custom dictating the folding of a thousand paper cranes to invoke blessings from the divine.

A charming and culturally inspired token for homes, influenced by the elegance of Japanese traditions.

An ideal addition to elevate the visual appeal of your dining table and bring the essence of Japan in to your home.

Origin: Kyoto
Size: H3cm x W6cm x L5cm
Weight: 16 gm
Color(s): Various


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