Three Tiered Jūbako

Three Tiered Jūbako

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Presenting an exquisitely crafted jewelry box from Kutani, Kanazawa, boasting three tiers of compartments for your treasured jewelry, keepsakes, and similarly precious items.

The exterior of this handcrafted masterpiece possesses a mesmerizing blue and white glaze, depicting an intricate intertwined arabesque design adorned with hibiscus.

This wonderful ceramic piece not only serves a practical purpose but also stands as a genuine work of art.

Place it on your dressing table or display it anywhere in your home. It's assured to infuse your living space with an added layer of Japanese sophistication and grace.

Origin: Kutani
Size: φ12.5cm X H12cm
Weight: 775gm
Color: blue and white glaze with intricate arabesque design

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