Yuugata Sake Set

Yuugata Sake Set

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Yuugata translates to 'dusk' or 'early evening' from the Japanese. This is an exceptionally fitting description to this exceptionally beautiful ceramic sake set as the beautiful glaze is reminiscent of the evening sky. Look closely and you can see the mesmerizing shimmer in the glaze.

This tokkuri and its matching ochokkos with its contrasting dark base and striking, vibrant blue drip is an eye-catching way to enjoy your favorite sake, recreating a true Japanese experience.

Set includes one sake tokkuri (decanter) and four ochoko (sake cups).

Origin: Mino
Size: Decanter 13cm X 8.5cm (300ml) Cup φ5.5cm X 3.5cm (40ml)
Weight: 511gm
Color: Dark green with blue and gold drip patterns

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