Yoshiro Taya Mug - Light gray

Yoshiro Taya Mug - Light gray

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This exceptionally beautiful mug is hand crafted by one of Kyoto's most prominent ceramists, Yoshiro Taya San.

With it's beautiful textured dimpled surface and partial white glaze, it's an item as wonderful to drink from as it is to merely admire.

Yoshiro Taya studied under Yoshitaka Arakihas before opening his own kiln in 1999 in Uji, Kyoto.

He now dedicates his work to the creation of exquisite pieces of Kyo-yaki which have been exhibited worldwide.

Origin: Kyoto
Size: φ9.5cm  X 11.5cm (350ml)
Weight: 192gm
Color: Light gray with white glaze

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