Kyo Yaki Chopstick Rests (Set of 4)

Kyo Yaki Chopstick Rests (Set of 4)

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An innovative interpretation of the classic chopstick rest, these exquisite creations harmonize seamlessly with both traditional Japanese ceramic tableware and contemporary pieces. Crafted by hand, each piece boasts unparalleled uniqueness stemming from its artisanal production.

Following the firing of the ceramic, each item undergoes meticulous hand-painting with deliberate, single brushstrokes. This technique deliberately exposes the pristine white ceramic in certain areas, producing captivating color variations.

With their captivating visual appeal, these items are a definite assurance of infusing your dining table with an authentic Japanese ambiance.

Chopsticks are for illustrative purposes only and are not included.

Origin: Kyoto
Size: H1cm x W4cm x L3cm
Weight: 52gm
Color: Light purple

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