Sabi Shiro Sake Set

Sabi Shiro Sake Set

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Sabi Shiro (錆白) refers to the technique used to create these exquisite ceramic pieces. At the final glazing stages, the artisan gently blows on the ceramics to create a beautiful white pattern reminiscent of stars on a clear night.

This is an ideal set to bring out for guests to introduce an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere into your dining table or home bar.

Set includes one sake tokkuri (decanter) and four ochoko (sake cups).

As each piece is lovingly handcrafted by an artisan, each item is unique and slight discrepancies between items may occur. This however, is a testament to it's originality and authenticity.

Origin: Mino
Size: Decanter 14cm X 9.5cm (300ml) Cup φ5.5cm X 4cm (40ml)
Weight: 486gm
Color: Dark gray with a white Sabi Shiro pattern

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