Tenmoku Cups (Set of 2)

Tenmoku Cups (Set of 2)

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The allure of this duo of cups, adorned with captivating oil spot glazing, is instantaneous upon first glance.

Their unique contours, designed to nestle comfortably in your hand, coupled with the entrancing oil spot glaze, set them apart from anything else.

Originating from Seto, the epicenter of Japan's ceramic artistry, these cups are meticulously handcrafted by a master ceramist, reflecting meticulous care and an unwavering attention to detail.

While undeniably suited for functional use as beverage vessels, they effortlessly double as objets d'art, lending a Japanese aura of refined distinctiveness to any dwelling they grace.

Origin: Seto
Size: φ7cm X H11.5cm (200ml)
Weight: 362gm
Color: Dark Gray with oil spot glazing
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