Tall Uwade Kyūsu Teapot - Blue with floral motif

Tall Uwade Kyūsu Teapot - Blue with floral motif

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This charming Mino-yaki teapot boasts a cobalt-blue glaze adorned with a graceful circular floral motif that elegantly embellishes its surface. This same floral pattern is thoughtfully repeated on the very top of the lid, enhancing the teapot's exquisite sense of balance.

The intricately detailed floral design harmoniously complements the smooth, polished exterior, resulting in a graceful example of traditional Japanese teaware. Notably, this teapot deviates from the more common round shape, displaying a wonderfully elongated silhouette.

Termed 'Uwade Kyūsu,' it refers to a teapot featuring its handle placed above, in contrast to the side ('Yokode Kyūsu') or rear ('Ushirode Kyusu') handles. This design choice imparts a distinctly traditional aspect, further accentuated by the inclusion of a delightful wooden handle, evoking a classic Japanese aesthetic.

Set includes teapot accompanied by two matching yunomi (teacups).

Origin: Mino
Size: Pot W14.5cm X H11cm (350ml) Cup φ6cm X 5cm (75ml)
Weight: 520gm
Color: Deep blue with floral motif

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