Shunzan Mori - Hana Kiko Sakura Ocha Teacup

Shunzan Mori - Hana Kiko Sakura Ocha Teacup

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This delightful piece of ceramic work was lovingly created by Shunsan Mori San, a 4th generation ceramicist. His renowned Kiyomizu-ware pottery 'Shunzangama' is influenced by Kenzan Ogata, who was active in the Edo period. Mentored by Mr. Zenju Miyashita, Shunzan Mori specializes in fine pottery making him work one of the most renowned ceramists in Japan today.

The vessel is made from white clay with some iron contents. It is first fired in the kiln unglazed after which the outlines of the sakura (cherry blossoms) are hand-drawn then a glaze applied before another firing at 1200-1300 degrees centigrade. Once this is done the beautiful pink sakura are hand-painted before a final firing at between 800 to 900 degrees to complete the process. The technique is unique to Kyo-yaki (ceramics from Kyoto), and delivers a surprisingly light ceramic piece.

One of the charms of this vessel, which make each piece all the more unique, are the small black dots called 'gohon' resulting from the change in kiln between firings and the trace amounts of iron in the clay.

This process is done with a great deal of attention to detail resulting in a uniquely beautiful tea cup.

An ideal gift for a loved one or for yourself to brighten up the start of your days!

Origin: Kyoto
Size: φ10cm X 6.75cm (200ml)
Weight: 159gm
Color: White with pink cherry blossom design

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