Kato Yoshiharu - Oval Akizakura Vase

Kato Yoshiharu - Oval Akizakura Vase

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The impact of Kato Yoshiharu San's sixty years of ceramic mastery is evident in this artwork.

Crafted in his distinct and recognizable style, this splendid vase is adorned with graceful white brush strokes that depict akizakura (cosmos flowers) in various vivid colors.

With its Japanese allure and rustic refinement, this vase stands as a wonderful example of ceramic artistry, destined to be the focal point of any room where it finds a home.

Since Yoshiharu San's recent retirement from crafting ceramics at his workshop alongside Kyoto's Sennyu-ji Temple, his creations have gained significant demand. This, therefore, is a rare opportunity to own the work of a true ceramist master who dedicated his career to Kyo-yaki.

Origin: Kyoto
Size: φ10cm X H11cm
Weight: 255gm
Color: Porcelain in a deep gray hue adorned with graceful white brush strokes depicting cosmos flowers in a variety of colors.
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