Botan Vase

Botan Vase

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Crafted meticulously in the tradition of Ko-kotani (lit. little Kotani), a style that flourished in the first half of the 18th century, this exquisite vase captures the essence of its namesake, characterized by its elegance.

The infusion of vibrant hues, including deep greens, yellows, intense blues, and regal purples, imparted an unmistakable allure to this style, rendering it highly sought after.

In the spirit of this tradition, the vase employs a captivating palette of blue, green, yellow, and red, skillfully arranged to depict a mesmerizing peony motif.

The vase's form itself is a source of enchantment, diverging from the norm with its distinctive wider-than-tall proportions, setting it apart in a most alluring manner.

As a splendid example of ceramic artistry, this piece guarantees to illuminate any space it graces, whether as a solitary display or adorned with blossoms, infusing a room with its radiant charm.

Origin: Kutani
Size: φ11.5cm X H8.5cm
Weight: 268gm
Color: White with peony motif
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