Yokode Kyūsu Teapot - Blue with floral motif and bunny knob

Yokode Kyūsu Teapot - Blue with floral motif and bunny knob

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This charming Hasami-yaki teapot showcases a delicate blue floral motif, adorned with sporadic red, green, and yellow blossoms, adding a touch of diversity to its pristine blue porcelain body.

Adding to its allure is a delightful bunny perched atop the lid, evoking a playful atmosphere.

The intricately detailed floral design harmonizes beautifully with the gently textured surface, culminating in an exquisite example of traditional Japanese teaware craftsmanship.

The Yokode kyusu style, where the handle is located on the side, allows the tea drinker to hold the handle and place their thumb on the lid to pour using one hand.
It is considered the most traditional of teapot styles enabling you to bring the traditional custom of Japanese tea drinking into your home to share with family and friends.

Set includes yokode kyusu teapot with two matching yunomi teacups.

Origin: Hasami
Size: Pot W17cm X H7cm (300ml) Cup φ7.75cm X 5cm (100ml)
Weight: 425gm
Color: Blue with delicate floral motif and bunny knob

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