Uwade Kyūsu Teapot - Floral Dark Blue

Uwade Kyūsu Teapot - Floral Dark Blue

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Introducing the exquisite Uwade Kyūsu teapot, a true masterpiece painstakingly crafted in the heart of Arita on Kyushu Island.

Arita holds an esteemed position as the birthplace of Japanese pottery, owing to the unearthing of prized porcelain clay in the late 16th century. The ceramic marvels emerging from this locale garner not only fervor within Japan but also command admiration on a global scale.

The appellation 'Uwade Kyusu' delineates a teapot where the handle gracefully crowns the lid, a departure from the conventional side-handled (Yokode Kyūsu) or rear-handled (Ushirode Kyusu) counterparts. This design preference exudes an unmistakably traditional aura, further accentuated by the incorporation of a wooden handle, evoking a time-honored Japanese aesthetic.

The immaculate porcelain foundation, swathed in pristine white, serves as a canvas for an array of resplendent floral motifs. This motif harmoniously extends to a complementary pair of yunomi tea cups, culminating in a visually captivating ensemble.

Origin: Arita
Size: Pot W15cm X H8.5cm (400ml) Cup φ8cm X H5.5cm (150ml)
Weight: 478gm
Color: Blue with floral motif
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