Maruchiyoku Dishes (Set of 2)

Maruchiyoku Dishes (Set of 2)

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An exquisite pair of serving dishes utilizing the traditional 'maruchiyoku' (crackle glaze) method.
Though originally designed upon which to serve sushi, as suggested by their rectangular shape, they are extremely versatile and ideal for serving virtually anything you should desire.

These traditional Japanese dishes showcases an enchanting emerald green crackle glaze on their interior, beautifully contrasted by an unglazed brown and white exterior.

Embark on a Japanese culinary adventure as you enrich your dining experience with these enchanting handmade tableware additions.

Origin: Mino
Size: Length 21.5cm x Width 13.5cm x Height 2.5cm
Weight: 412gm
Color: Emerald green crackle glaze interior with brown and white exterior

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