Kato Yoshiharu - Akizakura Vase

Kato Yoshiharu - Akizakura Vase

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The influence of Kato Yoshiharu San's six decades of expertise shines through in this creation.

This exquisite vase is embellished with elegant white brush strokes that beautifully portray akizakura (cosmos flowers) in various vivid colors.

Designed not only as a tabletop vase but also with a discreet hole at the back for optional hanging, this piece provides versatility in showcasing flowers and adding Japanese charm to your space.

Since Yoshiharu San's recent retirement from crafting ceramics at his workshop alongside Kyoto's Sennyu-ji Temple, his creations have gained significant demand. This, therefore, is a rare opportunity to own the work of a true ceramist master who dedicated his career to Kyo-yaki.

Origin: Kyoto
Size: φ5.5cm X H13cm
Weight: 237gm
Color: Porcelain in a deep gray hue adorned with graceful white brush strokes depicting floral cosmos motif.
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