ISSOU chopsticks (Set of 2)

ISSOU chopsticks (Set of 2)

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400 years of history and craftsmanship combine to bring you ISSOU chopsticks.
Layer upon layer of lacquer is carefully applied by artisans and finished with a polishing technique called "migakidashi".

The process of applying lacquer and letting it dry is repeated multiple times, until the craftsman is fully satisfied.

This process makes ISSOU chopsticks a true Japanese icon of perfection.
This beautifully crafted pair of chopsticks come as a set elegantly presented in a delicate purpose made wooden box.

Produced by: ISSOU 
Origin: Kyoto
Size: L 23cm (Large), L 20.5cm (Small)
Package weight: 92 gm
Color(s): black (Large), black and red (Small)

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