Shipping Update - Oct 4th

Dear valued customer,

We hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

One of the many effects of Covid 19 was to cause delays to international shipments.
This was felt particularly strongly in Japan which introduced very tight border controls resulting in a drastic decrease in flights in and out the country.

Not only did this reduce the number of visitors to Japan but it also greatly reduced cargo capacity.
This resulted in outbound shipments being delayed as well as additional delays upon arrival while they awaited customs processing.

Thankfully, as we'd primarily been shipping domestically, this had little effect on the service given to our valued customers.
Now that Mizu Japan has begun to ship internationally however, we ask for your understanding that some unavoidable delays will occur and are to be expected.

Looking ahead however, with Japan fully opening its border from October 11th 2022 we expect to see an increase in visitors from abroad meaning more flights outbound (as well as inbound) and therefore, increased cargo capacity resulting in what we hope to be a normalized service as it was pre-Covid.
This may take some time while airlines adjust their schedules to increase flights based on demand and the backlog of cargo cleared.
As such, please be aware that shipments to some countries will continue to be affected for some time.

With the above taken into account we kindly ask for your understanding that we are unable to deliver to all countries at this time and certain countries, notably the United States and France, are currently experiencing delays. 

We expect that in the coming weeks, as passenger and cargo flights continue to increase, we will be able to offer the fast and reliable service that we strive for.

Until such time, please know we are working hard to ensure your valued gift boxes are delivered to you with minimal, if any, delay.

If you have any questions about shipments or your orders please contact us at

Thank you again for your understanding and your patronage.

Mizu Japan